Connect your lamps for the first time.

If you've just received a lamp, unwrap it, and plug it into a wall socket (never a laptop) with the connector we have sent to you. 

Make sure your lamp isn't on a metal table and that your lamps (if you're testing both of them at home) are at least 1m apart and that their power cord is nice and straight. 

If you don't have one of our connectors, you can use a tablet connector (not a phone one) in the meantime but do email us so we can send you a connector.

Each Lamp should flickr briefly as it looks for a local network. They may take up to 6 minutes to find a local mobile network so go make yourself a cup of tea.

Then switch on the Big Lamp by pressing the chimney down. Your Little Lamp should light up within a minute (it has to go to space and back!). 





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